Procurement, contracting and allied services company in Nigeria

CJONYX International Ltd

Effective support services
with first class delivery

Who we are

CJONYX is procurement, contracting and allied service company registered according to the Companies and Allied matters decree of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As a private company, we cover a wide scope of services targeting the broad spectrum of the challenges existing in the Nigerian heterogeneous economy.

Our philosophy is one of continuous improvement and high ethical integrity. We aspire to be among the best in all aspects of the business we do to protect our environment and human resources by implementing friendly policies in our business operations

CJONYX International Ltd

Our Mission

To create and establish a unique service company that will compete globally and add value to its customer’s processes.

Our Services

We provide total and effective support services with first class delivery

Cjonyx Center For Social Enterprise Development

Cjonyx Center for Social Enterprise development is an indigenous enterprise that provides training on Social Enterprise Development, with the ultimate goal of eliminating poverty.

It is a self-sustaining hybrid benefit corporation providing blended values (Social and profit benefits). The entrepreneurship school aims at giving nursery, primary and junior level pupils from poor homes the opportunity to acquire trade and entrepreneurship competencies while learning from their normal educational curriculum, it affords girls and young women from poor communities the opportunity to acquire skills and competencies in digital technology, recycling, green and bio production for low income earners. 

CJONYX International Ltd